This keto bread is excellent toasted with butter on top, holds up well, and it’s made with almond flour. It has no eggy taste and each slice has only 2g net carbs.

I know that finding the best keto bread recipe is not easy. If you are looking for a keto bread substitute that is low in carbs and will help you enjoy your sandwiches, you are in the right place.

Since I started the keto diet, I tried to find the best keto bread recipe, and I’m sure I discovered the right one. This recipe I am sharing with you today does not taste eggy or fall apart quickly.

To replicate the texture of real bread and make it low carb I used almond flour and psyllium husks powder. Most keto recipes online use xanthan gum or cream of tartar. I tried all the versions, and I got the best result using psyllium husks powder. This is a classic loaf of bread that rises very well; it’s fluffy and delicious without the unwanted carbs and gluten.

How to make the best keto bread?

There are many keto bread recipes online, but none of them tells you all the tips to get the perfect texture. I will show you a few secrets on how to get a fantastic low carb bread that you can slice and make sandwiches with.

Tip #1: Bake the keto bread long enough

If your bread is wet inside and tastes eggy, it’s probably because it needs to be baked for longer. Always keep an eye on the bread check with a toothpick to ensure that it’s baked well and all the moisture is gone.

Tip #2: Use room temperature eggs

It seems that using room temperature eggs significantly reduce the eggy taste.

Tip #3: Let the keto bread cool down on a rack before slicing

This way the bread will cool down evenly without being moist at the bottom, and you’ll end up having perfect bread slices.

Tip #4: Use refined coconut oil

I tried to make keto bread in the past with cold pressed (virgin) coconut oil, and it gives the bread a coconut flavor that I am not a huge fan of. To avoid the specific coconut taste, I recommend using flavorless refined coconut oil.

Frequently asked questions

What is a keto bread?

Keto bread is a substitute for the high-carb bread that is made using low carb ingredients. You’ll need almond flour and psyllium husk powder instead of the wheat flour. To make a low carb batter, we’ll use healthy fats such as coconut oil, butter or olive oil. This keto bread recipe can be sliced as regular bread and tastes fantastic. You can also add any spices you like.

How many servings are in this keto bread recipe?

I love to cut my keto bread in about 20 slices, and the nutritional facts listed above the recipe are for one slice. So if you decide to make a keto sandwich and use 2 bread slices, you’ll need to multiply with 2.

Is the keto bread gluten-free?

This bread recipe is entirely gluten-free because we are not using any wheat flour. Make sure if you are using baking powder to choose one that’s labeled as gluten-free.

Can this keto bread paleo / dairy-free?

If you are following a paleo diet, there is a way to transform the keto bread recipe into a paleo compliant one. All you have to do is to replace the quantity of butter with the same amount of olive oil. You can also use refined coconut oil (because it has no taste) instead of the butter. That way you get the best paleo bread that is also a dairy free bread.

Can I substitute the almond flour with coconut flour if I am allergic to almonds?

Yes, that’s possible to replace almond flour with coconut flour. Although the texture will be a little different, it’s worth a try. As you may know coconut flour absorbs liquids pretty well, so instead of 2 cups of almond flour/ almond meal use only 1/2 cup coconut flour. Pay attention to the consistency of the butter and if you find it a little too thick add a bit more water.

How many carbs are in the keto bread?

Each slice of this ketogenic bread has only 2g net carbs. If you are wondering where those carbs come from, they come from the almond flour and the psyllium husk powder. Even eggs have a trace of carbs in them. To figure out the net carbs content in the bread all you have to do is to subtract the fiber content from the total carbs content.

Why is this the most popular ketogenic bread / low carb bread recipe on the internet?

keto bread recipe low in carbs slice

I absolutely love how this bread turned out. The texture is fantastic, and there’s no eggy taste (in my opinion) if you cook it the right way. If you are just switching to a ketogenic diet from a high carb diet, you’ll find out that’s pretty hard to find a good bread recipe to kill carb cravings. But, that’s no impossible. With this low carb recipe, you’ll enjoy a good slice of carb free bread that fits well in your keto macros. There are a few brands on the market that sell low carb bread, but some of them use non-approved keto ingredients. This bread is perfect for the Atkins diet, and it’s a cheaper low carb bread alternative. People find it easy to lose weight with the keto diet because you don’t feel deprived, hungry and sad. If you have a bread making machine, you should definitely try the keto bread using the bread machine. It will be way easier to make low carb bread.

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