Creamy Garlic Chicken with Broccoli is a household favorite for everyone in the family. This is the perfect one-pot chicken recipe with a homemade creamy garlic sauce when you’re in need of something delicious, satisfying and easy for a weeknight dinner. Add your choice of pasta or rice to soak up all the delicious creamy garlic sauce.

Skillet Creamy Garlic Chicken and Broccoli everyone will love! | @bestrecipebox


This recipe for creamy garlic chicken is truly simple and can cooked in one pot. It takes just a few ingredients to get dinner for the family because it’s loaded with protein and vegetables. The healthy broccoli adds a wonderful crunch and vegetable to this garlic chicken. Other vegetable options you can add to this chicken recipe is spinach, potatoes, squash and zucchini. The vegetable possibilities are endless and so are the starches that you can serve with the creamy garlic sauce. Rice and pasta are always the go-to starches, but you can also try quinoa, couscous and wild rice. Crusty bread is also another great option to dip into the sauce and soak it all up.

You can make the vegetables as soft or crunchy as you like for this creamy garlic chicken. If you want the vegetables softer with this creamy garlic chicken, add it when you add the chicken back into the pot. If you want more al-dente vegetables, then add it in later and time it so that it cooks to your preferred texture after the chicken is finished. Hope you enjoy this creamy garlic sauce. It’s divine!


This is the creamy garlic sauce that can be used for so many dishes outside of this skillet chicken with broccoli. Our recipe for creamy garlic sauce is below and it really only takes a few ingredients to have a pot of sauce that is perfect for pasta, rice and other proteins. Instead of using fresh garlic, you can use garlic powder or granulated garlic for an extra concentrated flavor of garlic. Hope you enjoy this creamy garlic chicken for your family!


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