One thing I have noticed since starting the Keto Lifestyle is that my appetite has decreased significantly.

Once I got over the initial hump of my body lying to me and trying to tell me I was starving to death (when really I was just starving it of unnecessary carbs) I very seldom feel hungry the way I used to.

However, sometimes I do find that I want a snack during the day, so I make sure I keep a few ingredients on hand for Keto Snacks should the craving hit. These Keto Pizza Chips have become pretty much a staple.

Delicious low carb snacks can be a little tricky to navigate.  While there are tons of great grab and go choices like almonds olives, and pickles to choose from, sometimes you just want something a little more substantial to snack on.

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These Pizza Chips deliver some crunch, some salty, and a whole lot of flavor to help your cravings.

They are made from simple ingredients that you probably have in your fridge already and they keep well in the fridge for several days of snacking.

They are also an ideal low carb snack to add to kids lunchboxes or for an afternoon snack that won’t have them crashing and burning by 6pm like a lot of unhealthy snacks do.

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You can add in your favorite toppings too! I tried these with tiny little bits of green bell pepper and it was just like I was eating real pizza! So delicious! My girls love them with black olives.

I have to admit the hardest part about these is finding a stopping place… I can easily polish them off no matter how many I make.

I dip them in my Whole30 Ranch Dressing which is also super low carb and voila! A perfect satisfying snack in minutes.


I plugged this recipe into my favorite Keto Calculator App – Carb Manager – and it came up with the following macros:

Each serving of Keto Pizza Chips has 1 net carb, 1 total carb, 0 fiber, 11 g fat, 9 g protein, and 138 calories.

Note: With any Keto Recipe you want to make sure you scan and calculate your specific ingredients as exact macros many vary depending on brands!


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